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Gamsol Odorless Mineral SpiritsGamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits

Absolutely the best blending medium for colored pencils and a perennial Inky favorite! Gamsol is a brand of artist-grade odorless mineral spirits, which we've packaged into a convenient, sponge-top dabber bottle. This "magical" liquid results in a pretty, almost watercolor-like look since it essentially melts the pencil lines and erases their grainy appearance.

Simply color in your stamped image with colored pencils, and apply Gamsol using the blending stumps sold separately. (Note: This technique is made for regular colored pencils, not watercolor pencils.) So easy to learn and really makes huge impact in your artwork! Click here to download a free step-by-step technique sheet, or watch our video tutorial:

Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits, 2 oz. Bottle

Assorted Blending StumpsAssorted Blending Stumps

These compressed paper stumps act as the "applicator" for our Gamsol liquid blending technique. Simply press the stump gently against the sponge-top dabber bottle containing Gamsol (sold separately); you'll see the stump darken with just the right amount of liquid. Using light pressure with circular motions, blend the colored pencil lines of your stamped image. Pull the color toward the center of the image with your stump to achieve a shaded look. You'll receive one of each size #2, 4, and 6. May be used over and over again; just file off excess color with an emery board or sandpaper until stump is clean.

Assorted Blending Stumps, Pack of 3

Multi-Pack StumpsMulti-Pack Stumps

Our Gamsol fans have been asking for more "stump options," and now we're pleased to offer three additional choices in blending stumps! Convenient multi-packs are available in Small (5 stumps, 1/4" diameter), Medium (4 stumps, 5/16" diameter), and Large (3 stumps, 13/32" diameter). Stock up on your favorite sizes! Made in Taiwan.

Multi-Pack Stumps

Select Size:

Sandpaper PadSandpaper Pad

It's sandpaper on a stick! Clean your blending stumps with ease using our convenient little tool. Several mini sheets of sandpapery goodness are attached to a wood board with handle. When you've finished the top sheet, simply rip it off to reveal a new one underneath. Sure, you can use an emery board or regular sandpaper on your stumps...but this inexpensive gadget is the perfect size for popping into your tool bag, and it's a lot more fun to use!

Sandpaper Pad

Prismacolor Pencils

Our favorite brand of colored pencils, for so many reasons! Prismacolor pencils have thick, soft leads made from brilliant, light-resistant pigments of the highest quality. The colors are butter smooth and easy to blend. Each round wooden pencil is lacquered to match the core for quick color identification. If you're trying our Gamsol blending technique, we strongly recommend pairing it with Prismacolors. You'll love these fabulous pencils! (Note: These are regular colored pencils, not watercolor pencils.)

Prismacolor Pencils, Set of 24

Prismacolor Pencils, Set of 24


Prismacolor Pencils, Set of 48

Prismacolor Pencils, Set of 48

Prismacolor Pencils, Set of 72

Prismacolor Pencils, Set of 72

Chartpak Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored PencilsChartpak Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored Pencils

For a great alternative to Prismacolor pencils but at nearly half the cost, these pencils are an excellent value. They work beautifully with the Gamsol blending method and they're artist-quality, which we definitely prefer over school supply brands...there's just no comparison because these are so much nicer. They're richly pigmented and since there isn't a wood barrel, they contain five times more lead than regular pencils.

If you're new to working with colored pencils or you've been "making do" with your kids' Crayolas, give these a try and experience the real difference of an artist brand. You'll be glad you did!

Chartpak Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored Pencils
Chartpak Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colored Pencils,
Set of 24

Faber Castell Pencil SharpenerPrismacolor Colorless Blender Pencil

For blending colored pencils, Gamsol is our preferred medium. However, for those who are pregnant or nursing (or cannot use solvent-based products for other reasons), the Prismacolor Colorless Blender Pencil is a good alternative. Made to be used dry on top of colored pencils, the Colorless Blender Pencil softens, polishes, and blends colors to create a unique effect. This wax-based blender sharpens like a regular pencil.

Prismacolor Colorless Blender Pencil

Faber Castell Pencil SharpenerFaber Castell Pencil Sharpener
When we're at home, we like to use an electric pencil sharpener with our Prismacolor pencils. But sometimes portability is important, and the Faber Castell pencil sharpener works great! With three different holes, it's suitable for sharpening various lead and colored pencil sizes. The high-grade steel blade facilitates getting a perfect point, and this sharpener is compact and easy to empty.

Faber Castell Pencil Sharpener

Pearlescent Watercolor SetPearlescent Watercolor Set

These beautiful, shimmery watercolors look stunning on black cardstock and vellum! Just dip a wet paintbrush or waterbrush into the pan, swirl it around to pick up the color, and apply to your cardstock. When you're ready to change colors, spritz the brush with UltraClean and wipe into a tissue until the water runs clear.

Comes in a portable hinged case with a plastic lid that can be used as a mixing palette, and contains 21 vibrant shades.

Pearlescent Watercolor Set, 21 Colors

Niji WaterbrushNiji Waterbrush

The ultimate in portability and convenience for a paintbrush! Fill the water compartment, which doubles as a handle, like a turkey baster...unscrew the top and submerge the brush into a cup of water while squeezing. Recap and you're ready to go! Synthetic brush has a 9 mm tip and removable cap for storage.

Niji Waterbrush

Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen

Draw, write, and scribble to your heart's content using the Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen. It's filled with an opaque white ink that really stands out, especially when used on dark cardstock. Acid-free and writes with a nice, even 1mm wide line. You'll enjoy accenting cards and journaling on colored papers with this delightful pen. Highlight small areas to make them pop!

Uni-ball Signo White Gel Pen

Shimmer Chalk Sets

Gorgeous, iridescent sparkly shimmers! Soft, beautiful colors (30 shades in each kit) are acid-free and presented in a secure 7" x 8" metal case. Alligator-clip applicator and reusable pom poms included. Choose either Pastel or Jeweltone shades, or collect them both!

Pastel Shimmer Chalk Set

Jeweltone Shimmer Chalk Set

Metallic Cream Chalk Set

Precious metal colors from a creamy chalk formula! Pebbles Inc. brings you this versatile set of elegant metallic chalks in 30 shimmering shades. Use them to accent the edges of a card, highlight a word or phrase in a quote or journaling, or embellish a stamped image. Pretty on silk flowers and fabric leaves, too! The colors are bolder and richer than most other chalks, and they're easily blendable. Plus they dry instantly and don't smear or wipe off. Alligator-clip tool and reusable pom poms included in a 7" x 8" metal case.

Metallic Cream Chalk Set

Prong Pick-Up Tool

For applying chalks, we've used cotton swabs, sponge applicators, and alligator-clip holders with pom poms. They all work just fine, but this handy tool makes chalking a real pleasure! Depress the plunger, and fine metal prongs will extend from the tip to pick up any size pom pom. Release the plunger, and the prongs pull back to grab and hold the pom pom securely. This allows you to hold the tool in your hand like a pencil or pen…what could be simpler?

Prong Pick-Up Tool

Pebbles Chalk & Craft EraserPebbles Chalk & Craft Eraser

A nifty mechanical eraser that advances with just a click! Its broad surface is perfect for erasing large areas, while the narrow edge works well for small, hard-to-get-into areas. Works with shimmer or regular chalks, as well as lead and colored pencils. (Although it won't completely erase colored pencils, it's terrific for lightening areas or cleaning up stray marks.) You can also make creative designs in chalk for a "resist" or batik look. Can be refilled.

Pebbles Chalk & Craft Eraser

Pebbles Chalk & Craft Eraser RefillsPebbles Chalk & Craft Eraser Refills

Keep an extra set or two on hand so you won't run out of refills for your Pebbles Chalk & Craft Eraser. Contains two erasers per package; eraser applicator sold separately above.

Pebbles Chalk & Craft Eraser Refills, Pack of 2

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